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First Love Bikini - Black

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Artikelnummer: B-17127

Most women are worried about going through with breast augmentation during the spring and summer because they won't be able to wear a bikini. That is why we created the First Love Bikini Bra! This is the first ever Bikini top designed for women with implants and due to its special design, it can be worn directly after augmentation! This one of a kind bikini has a supportive band underneath, added bones to each side, and the patented special Ipomia lining in the cups that will support your implants from all sides - ensuring that they will stay and heal in the correct position.
We also created the inner lining with Aloe Vera for its antibacterial and nourishing properties that will protect your scars while they are still healing. Our divided straps and low cleavage create a sexy silhouette and provide excellent support at the same time. All of the accessories are nickel free and finished with 24K gold making them so they will not over heat in the sun and also give this bikini an exclusive look! To top it off this top has extra pockets for protease implants. The First Love Bikini Bra is perfect for the healing period and every day after to keep you and your implants looking and feeling great!

- Aloe Vera lined cups
- The patented Ipomia tailored support system
- Back closure
- Bones on each side of the bra
- 24K gold finishing on accessories
- Divided Straps
- Designed in Sweden, Handmade in Bosnia
- Fabric made in Italy


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